macOS package: use a package identifier that matches the domain-name

parent b758c154
......@@ -175,12 +175,12 @@ echo -e "function v = supported_octave_version\nv=\"$OCTAVE_VERSION\";\nend" > "
cd "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/pkg
# Dynare option
pkgbuild --root "$PKGFILES" --identifier com.cepremap.dynare --version "$VERSION" --install-location /Applications/Dynare/"$LOCATION" "$NAME".pkg
pkgbuild --root "$PKGFILES" --identifier org.dynare --version "$VERSION" --install-location /Applications/Dynare/"$LOCATION" "$NAME".pkg
# GCC option
# Create dummy payload for GCC package; otherwise the size is displayed as 0 bytes in the installer
dd if=/dev/zero of="$ROOTDIR"/macOS/brewfiles/dummy bs=1m count=800
pkgbuild --root "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/brewfiles --identifier com.cepremap.dynare.gcc --version "$VERSION" --scripts "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/scripts --install-location /Applications/Dynare/"$LOCATION" "$NAME"-gcc.pkg
pkgbuild --root "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/brewfiles --identifier org.dynare.gcc --version "$VERSION" --scripts "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/scripts --install-location /Applications/Dynare/"$LOCATION" "$NAME"-gcc.pkg
# Replace variables in displayed files
sed "s/VERSION_READ/$VERSION/g" "$ROOTDIR"/macOS/distribution_template.xml > distribution_tmp.xml
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