Emacs mode: update for recent additions to the language

parent a7747277
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
;; - basically deactivate the mode within verbatim blocks?
;; - blocks templates "model/end", "initval/end", etc.
;; - functions to insert main keywords, with shortcuts in the keymap
;; - make font-locking case insensitive (as is Dynare lexer)
(defgroup dynare nil
"Editing Dynare mod files."
......@@ -87,7 +88,7 @@
;; Also include "verbatim" in this list
(defvar dynare-blocks
'("model" "steady_state_model" "initval" "endval" "histval" "shocks"
"shock_groups" "mshocks" "estimated_params" "epilogue" "priors"
"shock_groups" "init2shocks" "mshocks" "estimated_params" "epilogue" "priors"
"estimated_param_init" "estimated_params_bounds" "osr_params_bounds"
"observation_trends" "optim_weights" "homotopy_setup"
"conditional_forecast_paths" "svar_identification" "moment_calibration"
......@@ -95,11 +96,12 @@
"Dynare block keywords.")
;; Mathematical functions used in model equations (see "expression" in Bison file)
;; Mathematical functions and operators used in model equations (see "hand_side" in Bison file)
(defvar dynare-functions
'("exp" "log" "ln" "log10" "sin" "cos" "tan" "asin" "acos" "atan" "sqrt"
"abs" "sign" "max" "min" "normcdf" "normpdf" "erf")
"Dynare mathematical functions.")
'("expectation" "var_expectation" "pac_expectation" "exp" "diff" "adl" "log"
"ln" "log10" "sin" "cos" "tan" "asin" "acos" "atan" "sqrt" "cbrt" "abs"
"sign" "max" "min" "normcdf" "normpdf" "erf" "steady_state")
"Dynare mathematical functions and operators.")
(defvar dynare-constants
'("nan" "inf")
......@@ -110,8 +112,13 @@
"Dynare attributes for on-the-fly type declarations.")
(defvar dynare-macro-keywords
'("in" "length" "line" "define" "echomacrovars" "save" "for" "endfor" "ifdef"
"ifndef" "if" "else" "endif" "echo" "error" "include" "includepath")
'("line" "include" "includepath" "define" "echo" "error" "if" "ifdef" "ifndef"
"elseif" "else" "endif" "for" "endfor" "echomacrovars" "in" "when" "save"
"true" "false" "exp" "log" "ln" "log10" "sin" "cos" "tan" "asin" "acos"
"atan" "sqrt" "cbrt" "sign" "max" "min" "floor" "ceil" "trunc" "mod" "sum"
"erf" "erfc" "gamma" "lgamma" "round" "length" "normpdf" "normcdf" "isempty"
"isboolean" "isreal" "isstring" "istuple" "isarray" "bool" "real" "string"
"tuple" "array" "defined" "nan" "inf")
"Dynare macroprocessor keywords.")
(defvar dynare-font-lock-keywords
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