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license.txt: correct Occbin license information

See merge request Dynare/dynare!1880
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......@@ -26,9 +26,23 @@ Copyright: 1996-2021 Dynare Team
License: GPL-3+
Files: matlab/+occbin/IVF_core.m
Copyright: none
License: public-domain-inversion-filter
Original authors: Pablo Cuba-Borda, Luca Guerrieri, and Matteo Iacoviello
Original file downloaded from:
Adapted for Dynare by Dynare Team.
This code is in the public domain and may be used freely.
However the authors would appreciate acknowledgement of the source by
citation of any of the following papers:
Pablo Cuba-Borda, Luca Guerrieri, and Matteo Iacoviello (2019): "Likelihood evaluation of models
with occasionally binding constraints", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 34(7), 1073-1085
Files: matlab/+occbin/make_chart.m
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