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Dynare++ installation procedure is pretty straightforward. Take the
following steps:
The Dynare++ setup procedure is pretty straightforward as Dynare++ is included in the Dynare installation
packages which can be downloaded from Take the following steps:
\item Grab Dynare++ package from Dynare site either for Windows or for
Linux according to your operating system.\footnote{If unsure,
download the one for Windows.}
\item Unzip or untar the package to a directory of your choice.
\item Set operating system path to point to {\tt
dynare++-*.*}\footnote{Stars stand for a version number.}
subdirectory of the directory you have chosen. In Windows, this step
ensures that libraries distributed along Dynare++ are on the
path. This step is not really necessary in Linux.
\item Add the {\tt dynare++} subdirectory of the root Dynare installation directory to the your
operating system path. This ensures that your OS will find the {\tt dynare++} executable.
\item If you have Matlab and want to run custom simulations (see
\ref{custom}), then set the Matlab path to the path from the
previous step.
Dynare++ uninstall procedure is even more simple. Just remove the directory {\tt
If you want (or need) to compile Dynare++ from sources, grab Dynare++
source package and do your best.\footnote{Feel free to contact me if
setting up the sources takes more time than solving your model by
\section{Sample Session}
As an example, let us take a simple DSGE model whose dynamic
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