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News for Dynare 4.3.2

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Announcement for Dynare 4.3.2 (on 2013-01-18)
We are pleased to announce the release of Dynare 4.3.2.
This is a bugfix release.
The Windows packages are already available for download at:
The Mac and GNU/Linux packages (for Debian and Ubuntu) should follow soon.
All users are encouraged to upgrade.
The new release is compatible with MATLAB versions ranging from 7.0 (R14) to
8.0 (R2012b) and with GNU Octave versions ranging from 3.2 to 3.6.
Here is a list of the problems identified in version 4.3.1 and that have been
fixed in version 4.3.2:
- Computation of posterior distribution of unconditional variance
decomposition was sometimes crashing (only for very large models)
- Estimation with `mode_compute=6' was sometimes crashing
- Derivative of erf() function was incorrect
- The `check' command was not setting `oo_.dr.eigval' unless `stoch_simul' was
also used
- Computation of conditional forecast when the constraint is only on
one period was buggy
- Estimation with `mode_compute=3' was crashing under Octave
Announcement for Dynare 4.3.1 (on 2012-10-10)
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