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......@@ -28,13 +28,10 @@ Implemented as an ``enum`` ?
We want to be able to represent a week starting on Wednesday (frequency=week, offset=2, offset_frequency=Day) or periods of two quarters starting in February (month, offset = 1, offset_frequency=month, multiple=2)
## Constructors
- Period(year::Integer, frequency)
- Period(year::Integer, subperiod::Integer, frequency)
- Period(year::Integer, month, day, [frequency])
- Period(arg1::Integer, frequency)
- Period(arg1::Integer, arg2::Integer, frequency)
- Period(year::Integer, arg2::Integer, arg3::Integer, frequency)
- ExtendedPeriod(year::Integer, subperiod::Integer, frequency, [offset=offset::Integer, offset_frequency=offset_frequency::Frequency, multiple=multiple::Integer])
More constructors are needed
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