Commit 13134e0c authored by Johannes Pfeifer's avatar Johannes Pfeifer
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Make check_list_of_variables.m reflect that varobs is now a cell array.

parent 0104f91f
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ elseif isempty(varlist) && ~isempty(options_.endo_vars_for_moment_computations_i
if strcmp(options_.endo_vars_for_moment_computations_in_estimation,'all_endogenous_variables')
varlist = M_.endo_names(1:M_.orig_endo_nbr, :);
elseif strcmp(options_.endo_vars_for_moment_computations_in_estimation,'only_observed_variables')
varlist = options_.varobs;
varlist = char(options_.varobs');
error('Unknown option')
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