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......@@ -674,17 +674,22 @@ as follows
Before looking at the OLS output, it's nice to look at a few graphs plotting
the filtered variable data and the original data used in the OLS above:
.. image:: images/ygap.png
|fig1| |fig2| |fig3|
.. |fig1| image:: {static}/images/ygap.png
:alt: Output Gap
:align: center
:align: middle
:width: 33%
.. image:: images/pinf.png
.. |fig2| image:: {static}/images/pinf.png
:alt: Inflation
:align: center
:align: middle
:width: 33%
.. image:: images/r.png
.. |fig3| image:: {static}/images/r.png
:alt: Interest Rate
:align: center
:align: middle
:width: 33%
Here we see that the Interest Rate and Inflation data track each other pretty
well (as they are observed variables) while the Output Gap is quite different,
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