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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ and Computing Pass. To better understand the type of JSON output that
can be obtained, it is helpful to see the Dynare Preprocessor Flow Chart
and know in a general sense what is done at each stage:
.. image:: {filename}/images/preprocessor-4.6.png
.. image:: {static}/images/preprocessor-4.6.png
:width: 85%
:alt: Dynare Preprocessor Flow Chart
:align: center
......@@ -1064,15 +1064,15 @@ Matlab workspace, namely ``oo_`` and ``ds``:
Before looking at the OLS output, it's nice to look at a few graphs plotting
the filtered variable data and the original data used in the OLS above:
.. image:: {filename}/images/ygap.png
.. image:: {static}/images/ygap.png
:alt: Output Gap
:align: center
.. image:: {filename}/images/pinf.png
.. image:: {static}/images/pinf.png
:alt: Inflation
:align: center
.. image:: {filename}/images/r.png
.. image:: {static}/images/r.png
:alt: Interest Rate
:align: center
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