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- number: 51
authors: Benjamin Born, Johannes Pfeifer
title: "The New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve: Calvo vs. Rotemberg"
year: 2016
- number: 50
authors: Johannes Pfeifer
title: "Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Shocks: Comment"
year: 2016
- number: 49
authors: Aliya Algozhina
title: "Monetary Policy Rule, Exchange Rate Regime, and Fiscal Policy Cyclicality in a Developing Oil Economy"
year: 2016
- number: 48
authors: Mihai Copaciu, Valeriu Nalban and Cristian Bulete
title: "R.E.M. 2.0, An estimated DSGE model for Romania"
year: 2015
- number: 47
authors: Yuan Yang, Lu Wang
title: "An Improved Auxiliary Particle Filter for Nonlinear Dynamic Equilibrium Models"
year: 2015
- number: 46
authors: Tae-Seok Jang
title: "Animal Spirits in Open Economy: An Interaction-Based Approach to Bounded Rationality"
year: 2015
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