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Display more News on the main page.

Also moved the hyperlink to the news page outside of the loop.
parent abc32a84
......@@ -61,14 +61,14 @@ Dynare runs on top of Matlab, [Octave](, an
<div class="dynare_home_page_about_column_header_side" markdown="1">
{% for post in site.posts limit:1 %}
{% for post in site.posts limit:2 %}
<div class="dynare_home_page_post_box" onclick="location.href='{{ post.url }}';" onkeypress="location.href='{{ post.url }}';"><h3 class="dynare_home_page_post_title">{{ post.title }}</h3>
<span class="dynare_home_page_date">{{ | date_to_long_string }}</span>
{{ post.excerpt }}
<br />
[More News...](/news)
{% endfor %}
[More News...](/news)
<br />
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