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Preprocessor: new option “nocommutativity”

Ref. #1788
parent 2b4572af
......@@ -519,6 +519,15 @@ by the ``dynare`` command.
those in M-files. This is equivalent to the :opt:`use_dll` option of
the ``model`` block.
.. option:: nocommutativity
This option tells the preprocessor not to use the commutativity of
addition and multiplication when looking for common subexpressions. As a
consequence, when using this option, equations in various outputs
(LaTeX, JSON…) will appear as the user entered them (without terms or
factors swapped). Note that using this option may have a performance
impact on the preprocessing stage, though it is likely to be small.
These options can be passed to the preprocessor by listing them
after the name of the ``.mod`` file. They can alternatively be
defined in the first line of the ``.mod`` file, this avoids typing
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