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......@@ -7009,6 +7009,30 @@ Shock Decomposition
See :opt:`nobs <nobs = INTEGER>`.
.. option:: prefilter = INTEGER
See :opt:`prefilter <prefilter = INTEGER>`.
.. option:: loglinear
See :opt:`loglinear <loglinear>`.
.. option:: diffuse_kalman_tol = DOUBLE
See :opt:`diffuse_kalman_tol <diffuse_kalman_tol = DOUBLE>`.
.. option:: diffuse_filter
See :opt:`diffuse_filter <diffuse_filter>`.
.. option:: xls_sheet = NAME
See :opt:`xls_sheet <xls_sheet = NAME>`.
.. option:: xls_range = RANGE
See :opt:`xls_range <xls_range = RANGE>`.
.. option:: use_shock_groups [= STRING]
Uses shock grouping defined by the string instead of
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