Commit c6a17abc authored by Sébastien Villemot's avatar Sébastien Villemot
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Testsuite: suppress MATLAB splash screen when generating .m.tls file

parent 59642c33
......@@ -909,7 +909,7 @@ check-octave: $(O_XFAIL_TRS_FILES) $(O_TRS_FILES)
%.m.tls : %.m
@echo "`tput bold``tput setaf 8`MATLAB: $(CURDIR)/$*... `tput sgr0`"
$(MATLAB)/bin/matlab -nosplash -nodisplay -r run_m_script 2> /dev/null
$(MATLAB)/bin/matlab -nosplash -nodisplay -r run_m_script >/dev/null 2>&1
@touch $*.m.tls
@echo "`tput bold`MATLAB`tput setaf 8`: $(CURDIR)/$* Done!`tput sgr0`"
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