1. 08 Jan, 2020 2 commits
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      doc: using `desc_addname` doesn't allow for line breaks. · 6d516c39
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      The method `desc_addname` adds arguments to the name of the node, and hence does not allow for line breaks. In the case of Dynare commands we don't run into a problem with this but we run into this problem with longer MATLAB/Octave commands.
      For Dynare commands, we don't run into the problem with commands running over the page width as we use placeholders like `OPTIONS` since the order of the parameters passed to a command is irrelevant
      For MATLAB/Octave commands, the order of parameters passed to a function is important, hence we cannot use a placeholder such as `OPTIONS`
      closes #1688
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      dynare manual: cleanup whitespace · 8fbb7730
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      - remove trailing whitespace
      - replace tabs with spaces as per PEP guidelines
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