Quick start: on Octave for macOS, Forge packages are not bundled, hence show how to install them

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......@@ -109,6 +109,10 @@ If you don’t want to type this command every time you run Octave, you can put
careful to install the Octave version that is compatible with the Dynare
package you downloaded (as indicated on the Dynare download page)
1. Open Octave
1. Install some Octave add-ons (you only have to do it once)
>> pkg install -forge io statistics control struct optim
1. Configure Octave for Dynare (see [the section below](#configuring-octave-for-dynare-on-macos))
1. Run a Dynare example in Octave (see [the section below](#running-and-editing-a-dynare-example-on-macos))
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