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    Fixes for ticket #57 · a2cef700
    sebastien authored
    * add a field "M_.orig_endo_nbr" containing the nbr of endogenous before adding aux vars
    * always provide "M_.aux_vars" (define it to "[]" when there is no aux var)
    * rename "M_.aux_vars().orig_endo_index" to "M_.aux_vars().orig_index"
    * for commands which accept a list of variables (stoch_simul, osr, estimation, dynasave, dynatype, datatomfile), when no variable is given, use only the set of original endogenous (without aux vars) as the default
    * when displaying the decision rule, when there is aux vars in the state variables, replace them by their original name (with the right lag)
    * in "steady", don't display aux vars
    * special exception for ramsey policy: all vars (including aux vars) are displayed, because the system of aux vars from ramsey policy is not compatible with the aux vars from the preprocessor
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