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    Remove oo_.dr.{nstatic,npred,nboth,nfwrd,nspred,nsfwrd} · c121aa14
    Sébastien Villemot authored
    Replace them by equivalents in M_ (and an extra one: M_.dynamic).
    IMPORTANT POINT: oo_.dr.npred used to count both purely backward and mixed/both
    variables. This was the cause of lots of confusion. The new M_.npred only
    counts purely backward variables.
    We now have the following indentities:
    M_.npred + M_.nboth + M_.nfwrd + M_.nstatic = M_.endo_nbr
    M_.nspred = M_.npred + M_.nboth
    M_.nsfwrd = M_.nfwrd + M_.nboth
    M_.ndynamic = M_.npred + M_.nboth + M_.nfwrd