Commit 00485425 authored by Sébastien Villemot's avatar Sébastien Villemot
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Fix crash in conditional_forecast

parent 67370777
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ function imcforecast(constrained_paths, constrained_vars, options_cond_fcst, con
global options_ oo_ M_ bayestopt_
if ~isempty(options_cond_fcst.simulation_type)
if isfield(options_cond_fcst, 'simulation_type')
if strcmp(options_cond_fcst.simulation_type, 'deterministic')
disp('deterministic condtional forecast');
det_cond_forecast(constrained_paths, constrained_vars, options_cond_fcst, constrained_perfect_foresight);
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