Commit 2bc399cd authored by Sébastien Villemot's avatar Sébastien Villemot
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More packaging updates related to the new contrib subdir

parent 7a4405e7
......@@ -34,4 +34,4 @@ dist-hook:
rm -rf `find $(distdir)/matlab $(distdir)/examples -name *~`
rm -f $(distdir)/matlab/dynare_m$(EXEEXT) $(distdir)/matlab/dynare_version.m
$(MKDIR_P) $(distdir)/mex/matlab $(distdir)/mex/octave
rm -rf `find $(distdir)/ms-sbvar -name '.git*'`
rm -rf `find $(distdir)/contrib -name '.git*'`
......@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ Section "Dynare core (preprocessor and M-files)"
File /r ..\matlab\*.m
File ..\matlab\dynare_m.exe
SetOutPath $INSTDIR\contrib
File /r ..\contrib\*.m
WriteUninstaller $INSTDIR\uninstall.exe
# Create start menu entries
......@@ -156,6 +159,7 @@ Section "Uninstall"
Delete $INSTDIR\mexopts-win64.bat
Delete $INSTDIR\dynare.el
Rmdir /r $INSTDIR\matlab
Rmdir /r $INSTDIR\contrib
Rmdir /r $INSTDIR\mex
Rmdir /r $INSTDIR\dynare++
Rmdir /r $INSTDIR\doc
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