Commit 51adbd80 authored by Johannes Pfeifer's avatar Johannes Pfeifer
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Update error message if SS-Anova Toolbox is missing

parent 3cb16af5
......@@ -281,10 +281,12 @@ if options_gsa.redform && ~isempty(options_gsa.namendo),% ...
% check existence of the SS_ANOVA toolbox
if isempty(options_gsa.threshold_redform) && ...
~(exist('gsa_sdp','file')==6 || exist('gsa_sdp','file')==2),
disp('Download Mapping routines at:')
disp(' ' )
error('Mapping routines missing!')
fprintf('\nThe "SS-ANOVA-R: MATLAB Toolbox for the estimation of Smoothing Spline ANOVA models with Recursive algorithms" is missing.\n')
fprintf('To obtain it, go to:\n\n')
fprintf(' \n\n')
fprintf('and follow the instructions there.\n')
fprintf('After obtaining the files, you need to unpack them and set a Matlab Path to those files.\n')
error('SS-ANOVA-R Toolbox missing!')
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