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Reference manual: fix the description of deterministic shocks

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......@@ -1544,7 +1544,14 @@ end;
For deterministic simulations, the <command>shocks</command> block specifies temporary changes in the value of an exogenous variables. For permanent shocks, use an <xref linkend='endval'/> block.
<para>When specifying shocks on several periods, the <command>values</command> <replaceable>EXPRESSION</replaceable> must return either a scalar value common to all periods with a shock or a column vector with as many elements as there are periods in the <command>periods</command> statement just before it.
It is possible to specify shocks which last several periods and which can
vary over time. The <command>periods</command> keyword accepts a list of
several dates or date ranges, which must be matched by as many shock values
in the <command>values</command> keyword. Note that a range in the
<command>periods</command> keyword must be matched by only one value in the
<command>values</command> keyword: this syntax means that the exogenous
will have a constant value over the range.
......@@ -1558,11 +1565,8 @@ var u;
periods 4:5;
values 0;
var v;
periods 4 5 6;
values 0;
var u;
periods 4 5 6;
values 1 1.1 0.9;
periods 4:5 6 7:9;
values 1 1.1 0.9;
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