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......@@ -767,11 +767,15 @@ if (any(bayestopt_.pshape >0 ) && options_.mh_replic) || ...
CutSample(M_, options_, estim_params_);
%% Estimation of the marginal density from the Mh draws:
if options_.mh_replic
[marginal,oo_] = marginal_density(M_, options_, estim_params_, oo_);
[marginal,oo_] = marginal_density(M_, options_, estim_params_, ...
% Store posterior statistics by parameter name
oo_ = GetPosteriorParametersStatistics(estim_params_, M_, options_, bayestopt_, oo_);
if ~options_.nograph
oo_ = PlotPosteriorDistributions(estim_params_, M_, options_, bayestopt_, oo_);
% Store posterior mean in a vector and posterior variance in
% a matrix
[oo_.posterior.metropolis.mean,oo_.posterior.metropolis.Variance] ...
= GetPosteriorMeanVariance(M_,options_.mh_drop);
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