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Using Dynare with Octave
Dynare is now available for Octave, a free clone of Matlab (R) (see
Dynare is now available for GNU Octave, a free clone of Matlab (R) (see
For installing Octave on your Windows system, go to:
The recommended Octave distribution is the Octave/Windows VC++ 3.0.3
precompiled binaries from Octave Forge, available at:
Then pick the 'octave-3.0.1-vs2008-setup.exe' installer. Choose GNUplot
graphical backend (instead of JHandles) during installation. Also note that
this distribution contains a nice text editor, which you can invoke with "edit"
as you would under Matlab (R).
During installation, you will be asked which graphical backend to use. Neither
of them works perfectly with Dynare at this time:
* GNUplot gives better-looking results when several graphics are plotted in the
same window, but window titles will not show up
* JHandles properly displays windows titles, but gives ugly results when several
plots are displayed in the same window
WARNING: the Octave binary distribution has a bug which makes Octave crash
everytime one types 'clear all' (and therefore everytime one runs Dynare!). A
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