Commit e3062463 authored by Stéphane Adjemian (Charybdis)'s avatar Stéphane Adjemian (Charybdis) Committed by Stéphane Adjemian (Hermes)

Added warning.

We do not support XLS files with Octave. Users should use XLSX instead.
parent 7bc78435
......@@ -70,10 +70,16 @@ if ~(check_file_extension(file,'xls') || check_file_extension(file,'xlsx'))
% load excel file.
% Check if io package is installed.
if isoctave && ~user_has_octave_forge_package('io')
error('The io package is required to read XLS/XLSX files from Octave')
% Do not support XLS with octave.
if isoctave && isequal(get_file_extension(file), 'xls')
warning('XLS files not supported with Octave! Please use XLSX instead.')
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread(file, sheet, range);
% Get dimensions of num, txt and raw
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