Commit 09ac7f62 authored by Johannes Pfeifer 's avatar Johannes Pfeifer

identification_analysis.m: make sure that increase in is passed back via options_ident

parent 8913791f
...@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ if info(1)==0 ...@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ if info(1)==0
derivatives_info.DOm=dOm; derivatives_info.DOm=dOm;
derivatives_info.DYss=dYss; derivatives_info.DYss=dYss;;;;
indJJ = (find(max(abs(JJ'),[],1)>1.e-8)); indJJ = (find(max(abs(JJ'),[],1)>1.e-8));
end end
if length(indJJ)<nparam if length(indJJ)<nparam
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