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If the configuration goes well, the script will tell you which components are correctly configured and will be built.
Note that it is possible that some MEX files cannot be compiled, due to missing
build dependencies. If you find no way of installing the missing dependencies,
a workaround can be to give up on compiling these MEX files and rather use
slower implementations (in the MATLAB/Octave language) that are available under
the `matlab/missing/mex/` subdirectories. For example, if you fail to compile
the gensylv MEX, you can type the following at the MATLAB/Octave prompt before
running Dynare:
addpath <DYNARE_ROOT>/matlab/missing/mex/gensylv
(where you need to replace `<DYNARE_ROOT>` with the full path to your Dynare copy).
### Building
Binaries and Info documentation are built with:
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