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Document treatment of several Matlab statements in one line

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......@@ -1105,6 +1105,13 @@ it did not expect. Hence, it throws an error of the form: @code{ERROR:
PARAMETERS}. In this case, you would simply place a semicolon at the
end of line one and the parser would continue processing.
It is also helpful to keep in mind that any piece of code that does not violate
Dynare syntax, but at the same time is not recognized by the parser, is interpreted
as native Matlab code. This code will be directly passed to the @code{driver.m}-file.
Investigating @code{driver.m}-file then helps with debugging. Such problems most often
occur when defined variable or parameter names have been misspelled so that Dynare's
parser is unable to recognize them.
@node The Model file
@chapter The Model file
......@@ -1143,6 +1150,12 @@ A model file contains a list of commands and of blocks. Each command
and each element of a block is terminated by a semicolon
(@code{;}). Blocks are terminated by @code{end;}.
If Dynare encounters an unknown expression at the beginning of a line or after a semicolon,
it will parse the rest of that line as native Matlab code, even if there are
more statements separated by semicolons present. To prevent cryptic error
messages, it is strongly recommended to always only put one statement/command
into each line and start a new line after each semicolon.
Most Dynare commands have arguments and several accept options,
indicated in parentheses after the command keyword. Several options
are separated by commas.
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