stoch_simul: save var_list in oo_. closes #1646

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......@@ -3407,8 +3407,8 @@ Computing the stochastic solution
This command sets ``oo_.dr``, ``oo_.mean``, ``oo_.var`` and
``oo_.autocorr``, which are described below.
This command sets ``oo_.dr``, ``oo_.mean``, ``oo_.var``, ``oo_.var_list``,
and ``oo_.autocorr``, which are described below.
If the ``periods`` option is present, sets ``oo_.skewness``,
``oo_.kurtosis``, and ``oo_.endo_simul`` (see
......@@ -3465,6 +3465,10 @@ Computing the stochastic solution
an approximation thereof for ``order=2``), and simulated variance
otherwise. The variables are arranged in declaration order.
.. matvar:: oo_.var_list
The list of variables for which results are displayed.
.. matvar:: oo_.skewness
|br| After a run of ``stoch_simul`` contains the skewness
......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ end
[i_var, nvar, index_uniques] = varlist_indices(var_list, M_.endo_names);
oo_.var_list = var_list;
iter_ = max(options_.periods,1);
if M_.exo_nbr > 0
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