bump GCC requirement to version 6 or later

GCC 5 supports C++14, but it is still not enough because it does not implement
N4387 that was retroactively applied to the standard in 2015 (see the "Notes"
and "Defect reports" sections of
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......@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@ have a 64-bit MATLAB; if it returns `PCWIN`, `MACI` or `GLNX`, then you have a
A number of tools and libraries are needed in order to recompile everything. You don't necessarily need to install everything, depending on what you want to compile.
- A POSIX compliant shell and an implementation of Make (mandatory)
- The [GNU Compiler Collection](, with gcc, g++ and gfortran (mandatory)
- The [GNU Compiler Collection](, version 6 or later, with
gcc, g++ and gfortran (mandatory)
- MATLAB (if you want to compile the MEX for MATLAB)
- [GNU Octave](, with the development headers (if you
want to compile the MEX for Octave)
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