add trick for compiling on Windows filesystems which don’t have 8dot3 names

parent d01846e5
......@@ -284,7 +284,10 @@ autoreconf -si
where the path and version of MATLAB are specified. Note that you should use
the MSYS2 notation and not put spaces in the MATLAB path, so you probably want
to use something like `/c/Progra~1/MATLAB/…`.
to use something like `/c/Progra~1/MATLAB/…`. Alternatively, if your filesystem
does not have short filenames (8dot3), then you can run `mkdir -p
/usr/local/MATLAB && mount c:/Program\ Files/MATLAB /usr/local/MATLAB`, and
then pass `/usr/local/MATLAB/…` as MATLAB path to the configure script.
- Compile:
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