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Update my email and affiliation

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......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ Adjemian (Université du Maine, Gains and Cepremap), Houtan Bastani
(Université du Maine, Gains and Cepremap), Junior Maih (Norges Bank),
Ferhat Mihoubi (Université Paris-Est Créteil, Epee and Cepremap), George
Perendia, Johannes Pfeifer (University of Cologne), Marco Ratto (European Commission, Joint Research Centre - JRC)
and Sébastien Villemot (OFCE Sciences Po).
and Sébastien Villemot (CEPREMAP).
Increasingly, the developer base is expanding, as tools developed by
researchers outside of Cepremap are integrated into Dynare. Financial
support is provided by Cepremap, Banque de France and DSGE-net (an
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Upstream-Contact: Dynare Team, whose members in 2017 are:
Ferhat Mihoubi <>
Johannes Pfeifer <>
Marco Ratto <>
Sébastien Villemot <>
Sébastien Villemot <>
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