Commit a2c60dba authored by Johannes Pfeifer 's avatar Johannes Pfeifer
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simult_.m: simulate user-requested order with k_order_solver

Also prevent inconsistent simulations
parent ec3127a0
......@@ -53,8 +53,12 @@ if ~options_.k_order_solver || (options_.k_order_solver && options_.pruning) %if
if options_.k_order_solver && ~options_.pruning % Call dynare++ routines.
ex_ = [zeros(M_.maximum_lag,M_.exo_nbr); ex_];
y_ = dynare_simul_(options_.order,M_.nstatic,M_.npred,M_.nboth,M_.nfwrd,exo_nbr, ...
ex_ = [zeros(M_.maximum_lag,M_.exo_nbr); ex_];
if options_.order~=iorder
error(['The k_order_solver requires the specified approximation order to be '...
'consistent with the one used for computing the decision rules'])
y_ = dynare_simul_(iorder,M_.nstatic,M_.npred,M_.nboth,M_.nfwrd,exo_nbr, ...
y_(dr.order_var,1),ex_',M_.Sigma_e,options_.DynareRandomStreams.seed, ...
y_(dr.order_var,:) = y_;
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