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update instructions for compilation on os x

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......@@ -258,20 +258,19 @@ Configure and make:
- In the window that opens, click on the `Downloads` tab
- In the tab that appears, click on the `Components` button
- Next to `Command Line Tools`, click on `Install`
- Download []( and unzip it in `/Applications/`. Change the owner to be `root` and the group to be `wheel`
- Install [Homebrew]( by following the instructions on the website
- Tap [Homebrew Science]( by doing:
- ```brew tap homebrew/science```
- Install the following brews:
- ```brew install gcc```
- ```brew install automake```
- ```brew install gsl```
- ```brew install bison```
- ```brew install boost```
- ```brew install gfortran```
- ```brew install libmatio --with-hdf5```
- ```brew install slicot --with-default-integer-8```
- **(Optional)** To compile Dynare mex files for use on Octave, first install Octave following the [Simple Installation Instructions]( Then, you will probably also want to install graphicsmagick via Homebrew with `brew install graphicsmagick`.
- **(Optional)** To compile Dynare mex files for use on Octave:
- ```brew install octave```
- **(Optional)** To compile Dynare's documentation, first install the latest version of [MacTeX]( Then install `doxygen`, `latex2html` and `texi2html` via Homebrew with the following commands:
- ```brew install doxygen```
- ```brew install texinfo```
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