Source package: no longer embed a copy of MathJax

The copy of MathJax that we were embedding was not source code, because it
contained minified Javascript. In particular, this is a problem for the
official Debian package.

We now strip the copy. Users compiling the HTML manual from the source tarball
will therefore get MathJax from a CDN (this is the default behaviour of
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......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ build_doc:
stage: test_and_pkg
- rm doc/manual/source/_static/mathjax && sed -i "/^mathjax_path *=/d" doc/manual/source/
- 'for f in preprocessor/ mex/build/matlab/ mex/build/octave/; do sed -i "s/^AC_INIT(\[\(.*\)\],\s*\[\(.*\)\])/AC_INIT([\1], [$VERSION])/" $f; done'
- autoreconf -si
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