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readme: update to use Homebrew Dynare --HEAD build

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......@@ -257,30 +257,16 @@ Configure and make:
- Install the latest version of [MacTeX](
- Install [Homebrew]( by following the instructions on the website
- Tap [Homebrew Science]( by opening Terminal and typing:
- ```brew tap homebrew/science```
- Install the following brews:
- ```brew install gcc```
- ```brew install automake```
- ```brew install gsl```
- ```brew install bison```
- ```brew install boost```
- ```brew install libmatio --with-hdf5```
- ```brew install slicot --with-default-integer-8```
- Force link ```flex``` and ```bison```
- ```brew link --force flex```
- ```brew link --force bison```
- ```brew tap homebrew/science```
- **(Optional)** To compile Dynare mex files for use on Octave:
- ```brew install octave```
- **(Optional)** To compile Dynare's documentation:
- ```brew install doxygen```
- ```brew install texinfo```
- ```brew install latex2html```
- ```brew install texi2html```
- **(On OS X 10.7 Only)** Copy [FlexLexer.h]( into the `preprocessor` directory (there was an error in the `FlexLexer.h` file distributed with 10.7)
- Ensure `/usr/local/bin` is at the beginning of your path:
- ```PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH```
- Finally, switch to the root dynare directory and compile dynare
- `autoreconf -si`
- `./configure --with-matlab=/Applications/ MATLAB_VERSION=8.4`
- `make`
- `make pdf TEXI2DVI=/usr/local/Cellar/texinfo/5.2/bin/texi2dvi`, where you replace everything after the equal sign with the path to the `texi2dvi` installed by homebrew when you installed `texinfo`.
- To see the available options for compiling Dynare, type:
- ```brew info dynare```
- Install Dynare via a command of the form:
- (basic) ```brew install dynare --HEAD --without-check```
- (with Matlab mex) ```brew install dynare --HEAD --without-check --with-matlab=/Applications/ --with-matlab-version=8.5```
- **NB**: If compiling Dynare documentation, add ```--with-doc``` to the installation command
- **NB**: If not compiling Dynare mex files for Octave, add ```--without-octave``` to the installation command
- **NB**: To compile the latest stable version of dynare, follow the same instructions as above, omitting the ```--HEAD``` argument
- Once compilation is done, open Matlab and type the last line shown when you type ```brew info dynare``` in the Terminal window. With the typical Homebrew setup, this is:
- ```addpath /usr/local/opt/dynare/lib/dynare/matlab```
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