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Fix various Kalman filter bugs

Johannes Pfeifer requested to merge JohannesPfeifer:univariate_filter into master
  • Fix bug in dsge_likelihood.m where diagonal of measurement error covariance matrix was not correctly read out, leading to wrong results when using the univariate Kalman filter with measurement error
  • Various bugfixes for univariate smoother when (correlated) measurement error is present
  • Bugfix for missing_observations_kalman_filter_d.m where constant of log(2*pi) was forgotten in last step
  • Documents Kalman routines
  • Factorizes and improves unit tests
  • Filters out infinite likelihoods with proper error code
  • Fixes variable count bug in display_problematic_vars_Jacobian.m that led to crashes in debug-mode

Closes #1231 (closed)

Closes #1234 (closed)

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