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Fixes around histval and loglinear

Johannes Pfeifer requested to merge JohannesPfeifer:Kalman_histval into master
  • Allow using histval to set initial condition for Kalman filter
  • Improve compatibility of loglinear with forecast and conditional_forecast-commands (also improves documentation)
  • Expands respective integration tests


  1. Design philosophy: the histval-block specification should be independent of whether loglinear is used or not (as is the case with e.g. initval or steady_state_model). This requires Dynare taking the log automatically when required. This clashes with conditional_forecast_path-block, where the specified controlled values are never transformed.
  2. These changes do not affect the ramsey-command, which seems to in principle allow for loglinear and histval. Should we try to make it compatible or provide an error?

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