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Fixes for method of moments

Willi Mutschler requested to merge wmutschl/dynare:fixes_mom into master
  1. As we have a working interface now, this commit improves the provisional handling of finding duplicate moments. Previously, indices for GMM were created, but this is not really needed. This commit cleans this up and similar to SMM makes use of the matched_moments block only. As a by-product of the previous provisonal handling higher-order moments for SMM where not correctly displayed as no labels were created. This is now fixed. The comparison of data moments and estimated model moments is also in the same ordering as the inputed orthogonality conditions in matched_moments.

  2. Instead of checking everything in one mod file, this commit separates the checks into individual mod files that test:

  • whether the translation from matched_moments works
  • whether the duplicate moments are found
  • whether GMM and SMM both work with different estimated_params blocks.
  1. Lastly, some default values are changed.

This should also go into 4.7.

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