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New option to set prior (sign) restrictions irfs.

Marco Ratto requested to merge rattoma:endo_prior_restrictions into master

It uses the option endogenous_prior_restrictions, with usage

// ENDOGENOUS RESTRICTIONS options_.endogenous_prior_restrictions.irf={'n','tfp',1,[-inf 0]}; // END OF ENDOGENOUS RESTRICTIONS

i.e. a cell matrix structured as

{endo_name_1, exo_name_1, period, [lb1 ub1] ; endo_name_2, exo_name_2, period, [lb2 ub2] }

I have designed an irf sub-field, because this option could be extended to (sign) restrictions of moments, e.g. to impose positive/negative comovements among variables.

Ideally we should design an interface for this, but I think this would already merge with #267 (closed) when this will be available. The cell structure is already compliant with issue #267 (closed), a part from the name of the option which changes from calibration to endogenous_prior_restrictions.

With the current commit, we would already allow to set manually these restrictions for irfs. what do you think?

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