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Rewrite engine for matching the non-optimizing agents part in PAC

The engine is now more robust and should reject any expression that does not
conform to the expected form. It is also able to deal with more cases, such as
terms appearing with a minus sign, or variables in the middle of a
three-factors product.

BTW, use a std::tuple for storing the result of the matching inside
PacExpectationNode, and change the order of components within the
structure (variable first, scalar last).
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......@@ -4243,7 +4243,7 @@ DynamicModel::walkPacParameters()
pair<int, int> lhs (-1, -1);
pair<int, pair<vector<int>, vector<bool>>> ec_params_and_vars;
set<pair<int, pair<int, int>>> ar_params_and_vars;
set<pair<int, pair<pair<int, int>, double>>> non_optim_params_vars_and_scaling_factor;
vector<tuple<int, int, int, double>> non_optim_vars_params_and_constants;
if (equation->containsPacExpectation())
......@@ -4271,12 +4271,12 @@ DynamicModel::walkPacParameters()
optim_share_index = *(optim_share.begin());
optim_part->getPacOptimizingPart(lhs_orig_symb_id, ec_params_and_vars, ar_params_and_vars);
non_optim_vars_params_and_constants = non_optim_part->getPacNonOptimizingPart();
ec_params_and_vars, ar_params_and_vars,
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This diff is collapsed.
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