Commit 16ac13a9 authored by MichelJuillard's avatar MichelJuillard
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osr: added optimal value of parameters to oo_.osr.optim_params; moved

osr_example to ./tests/optimal_policy
parent 9dfcf897
......@@ -834,7 +834,7 @@ OsrStatement::writeOutput(ostream &output, const string &basename) const
symbol_list.writeOutput("var_list_", output);
output << "osr(var_list_,osr_params_,obj_var_,optim_weights_);\n";
output << "oo_.osr = osr(var_list_,osr_params_,obj_var_,optim_weights_);\n";
OptimWeightsStatement::OptimWeightsStatement(const var_weights_t &var_weights_arg,
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