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pac: collect exogenous variables in growth argument to pass exo use test in

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......@@ -279,6 +279,13 @@ PacModelStatement::PacModelStatement(string name_arg,
PacModelStatement::checkPass(ModFileStructure &mod_file_struct, WarningConsolidation &warnings)
if (growth)
growth->collectVariables(SymbolType::exogenous, mod_file_struct.pac_params);
PacModelStatement::overwriteGrowth(expr_t new_growth)
......@@ -152,6 +152,7 @@ public:
double steady_state_growth_rate_number_arg,
int steady_state_growth_rate_symb_id_arg,
const SymbolTable &symbol_table_arg);
void checkPass(ModFileStructure &mod_file_struct, WarningConsolidation &warnings) override;
void overwriteGrowth(expr_t new_growth);
void writeOutput(ostream &output, const string &basename, bool minimal_workspace) const override;
void writeJsonOutput(ostream &output) const override;
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