Commit 31ff8da8 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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remove unused variables from preprocessor

parent ab589aaa
......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ ModelTree::computePrologueAndEpilogue(const jacob_map_t &static_jacobian_arg, ve
ModelTree::equationTypeDetermination(const map<pair<int, pair<int, int> >, expr_t> &first_order_endo_derivatives, const vector<int> &Index_Var_IM, const vector<int> &Index_Equ_IM, int mfs) const
expr_t lhs, rhs;
expr_t lhs;
BinaryOpNode *eq_node;
EquationType Equation_Simulation_Type;
equation_type_and_normalized_equation_t V_Equation_Simulation_Type(equations.size());
......@@ -428,7 +428,6 @@ ModelTree::equationTypeDetermination(const map<pair<int, pair<int, int> >, expr_
int var = Index_Var_IM[i];
eq_node = equations[eq];
lhs = eq_node->get_arg1();
rhs = eq_node->get_arg2();
Equation_Simulation_Type = E_SOLVE;
map<pair<int, pair<int, int> >, expr_t>::const_iterator derivative = first_order_endo_derivatives.find(make_pair(eq, make_pair(var, 0)));
pair<bool, expr_t> res;
......@@ -203,7 +203,6 @@ StaticModel::writeModelEquationsOrdered_M(const string &static_basename) const
map<expr_t, int> reference_count;
temporary_terms_t local_temporary_terms;
ofstream output;
int nze;
vector<int> feedback_variables;
deriv_node_temp_terms_t tef_terms;
ExprNodeOutputType local_output_type;
......@@ -219,7 +218,6 @@ StaticModel::writeModelEquationsOrdered_M(const string &static_basename) const
//For a block composed of a single equation determines wether we have to evaluate or to solve the equation
nze = derivative_endo[block].size();
BlockSimulationType simulation_type = getBlockSimulationType(block);
unsigned int block_size = getBlockSize(block);
unsigned int block_mfs = getBlockMfs(block);
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