Commit 54df07d0 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani
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remove unnecessary comment

parent 7d9072a2
......@@ -999,14 +999,6 @@ ModFile::writeOutputFiles(const string &basename, bool clear_all, bool clear_glo
static_model.writeOutput(mOutputFile, block);
// Print statements
// Print var_model statements first so that the forecast functions can be used by following statements
// for (vector<Statement *>::const_iterator it = statements.begin();
// it != statements.end(); it++)
// if (dynamic_cast<VarModelStatement *>(*it) != NULL)
// (*it)->writeOutput(mOutputFile, basename, minimal_workspace);
// dynamic_model.writeVarExpectationFunctions(mOutputFile);
for (auto statement : statements)
statement->writeOutput(mOutputFile, basename, minimal_workspace);
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