UnaryOpCode::eval(): add missing error cases

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...@@ -2964,8 +2964,14 @@ UnaryOpNode::eval_opcode(UnaryOpcode op_code, double v) noexcept(false) ...@@ -2964,8 +2964,14 @@ UnaryOpNode::eval_opcode(UnaryOpcode op_code, double v) noexcept(false)
case UnaryOpcode::steadyState: case UnaryOpcode::steadyState:
return (v); return (v);
case UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParamDeriv: case UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParamDeriv:
cerr << "UnaryOpNode::eval_opcode: not implemented on UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParamDeriv" << endl;
case UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParam2ndDeriv: case UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParam2ndDeriv:
cerr << "UnaryOpNode::eval_opcode: not implemented on UnaryOpcode::steadyStateParam2ndDeriv" << endl;
case UnaryOpcode::expectation: case UnaryOpcode::expectation:
cerr << "UnaryOpNode::eval_opcode: not implemented on UnaryOpcode::expectation" << endl;
case UnaryOpcode::erf: case UnaryOpcode::erf:
return (erf(v)); return (erf(v));
case UnaryOpcode::diff: case UnaryOpcode::diff:
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