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fix compilation warning

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......@@ -6029,7 +6029,7 @@ BinaryOpNode::replaceVarsInEquation(map<VariableNode *, NumConstNode *> &table)
BinaryOpNode::fillErrorCorrectionRow(int eqn, const vector<int> &nontrend_lhs, const vector<int> &trend_lhs, map<tuple<int, int, int>, expr_t> &A0, map<tuple<int, int, int>, expr_t> &A0star) const
int A0size = A0.size();
size_t A0size = A0.size();
fillErrorCorrectionRowHelper(arg1, arg2, eqn, nontrend_lhs, trend_lhs, A0, A0star);
if (A0size == A0.size())
fillErrorCorrectionRowHelper(arg2, arg1, eqn, nontrend_lhs, trend_lhs, A0, A0star);
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