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Fix bug with var_expectation nodes introduced in 38152c34

We must provide a return value for

Return zero, which will lead to the right overall result even if it is not
strictly the right choice (see the comment in the code).
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......@@ -8775,8 +8775,14 @@ VarExpectationNode::maxLag() const
VarExpectationNode::maxLagWithDiffsExpanded() const
cerr << "VarExpectationNode::maxLagWithDiffsExpanded not implemented." << endl;
/* This node will be substituted by lagged variables, so in theory we should
return a strictly positive value. But from here this value is not easy to
We return 0, because currently this function is only called from
DynamicModel::setLeadsLagsOrig(), and the maximum lag will nevertheless be
correctly computed because the maximum lag of the VAR will be taken into
account via the corresponding equations. */
return 0;
......@@ -9238,6 +9244,7 @@ PacExpectationNode::maxLag() const
PacExpectationNode::maxLagWithDiffsExpanded() const
// Same comment as in VarExpectationNode::maxLagWithDiffsExpanded()
return 0;
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