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Remove workaround for Bison 3.2

This was a bug, now fixed in Bison 3.2.2. The latter version is now available
on most platforms (Debian unstable/testing, Homebrew, MSYS2).
parent 018068de
...@@ -34,14 +34,6 @@ class ParsingDriver; ...@@ -34,14 +34,6 @@ class ParsingDriver;
%code requires { %code requires {
#include "ExprNode.hh" #include "ExprNode.hh"
#include "CodeInterpreter.hh" #include "CodeInterpreter.hh"
/* Bison 3.2 passes semantic types through a macro, and commas in parametric
types are interpreted as macro arguments, leading to a compilation error.
Use type aliases to workaround the problem.
This bug has been fixed in Bison 3.2.2, so we can remove the workaround
at some point. */
using pair_2strings = pair<string,string>;
using tuple_4strings = tuple<string,string,string,string>;
} }
%param { ParsingDriver &driver } %param { ParsingDriver &driver }
...@@ -189,10 +181,9 @@ using tuple_4strings = tuple<string,string,string,string>; ...@@ -189,10 +181,9 @@ using tuple_4strings = tuple<string,string,string,string>;
%type <vector<string>> change_type_var_list %type <vector<string>> change_type_var_list
%type <vector<int>> vec_int_elem vec_int_1 vec_int vec_int_number %type <vector<int>> vec_int_elem vec_int_1 vec_int vec_int_number
%type <PriorDistributions> prior_pdf prior_distribution %type <PriorDistributions> prior_pdf prior_distribution
// The following types use aliases, see comment above in the file %type <pair<string,string>> named_var_elem subsamples_eq_opt calibration_range integer_range_w_inf
%type <pair_2strings> named_var_elem subsamples_eq_opt calibration_range integer_range_w_inf %type <vector<pair<string,string>>> named_var named_var_1
%type <vector<pair_2strings>> named_var named_var_1 %type <tuple<string,string,string,string>> prior_eq_opt options_eq_opt
%type <tuple_4strings> prior_eq_opt options_eq_opt
%% %%
%start statement_list; %start statement_list;
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