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Macro-processor, comprehension: fix error message, add comments

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......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ MacroDriver::possibly_add_comprehension_element(vector<MacroValuePtr> &v, MacroV
auto ival = dynamic_pointer_cast<IntMV>(test_expr);
if (!ival)
throw MacroValue::TypeError("In a comprehension, the expression after the 'if' must evaluate to an integer");
throw MacroValue::TypeError("In a comprehension, the expression after the semicolon must evaluate to an integer");
if (ival->value)
......@@ -129,11 +129,17 @@ private:
//! Set to true while parsing an IF statement (only the statement, not the body)
bool reading_if_statement;
//! Set to true while parsing the comprehension in a new buffer
bool is_comprehension_context{false};
//! Counter for the current comprehension
int comprehension_iter_nb{0};
//! The lexer start condition (EXPR or STMT) before entering the comprehension
int comprehension_start_condition;
//! Number of nested comprehensions, used during the construction of the new lexer buffer
int nested_comprehension_nb{0};
//! Temporary stores for the new lexer buffer
string comprehension_clause, comprehension_clause_tmp;
//! Stores for the location of the comprehension clause
Macro::parser::location_type comprehension_clause_loc, comprehension_clause_loc_tmp;
//! Output the @#line declaration
......@@ -266,9 +272,13 @@ public:
in that case it destroys the pointer given to init_loop() */
bool iter_loop() noexcept(false);
//! Initializes the evaluation of a comprehension
void init_comprehension(const vector<string> &names, MacroValuePtr value);
//! Iterates during the evaluation of the comprehension
void iter_comprehension();
//! Helper to construct the value corresponding to the comprehension
void possibly_add_comprehension_element(vector<MacroValuePtr> &v, MacroValuePtr test_expr) const;
//! Returns the size of the set over which the current comprehension iterates
int get_comprehension_iter_nb() const;
//! Begins an @#if statement
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